İlker Canikligil



Born on 1972 in Istanbul, he graduated from Saint Joseph French College in 1991 and attended Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Film TV. He won 14 National and International awards with his short films between 1992 and 2002. “Simulacra” (2001) was awarded the “Special Mention” at 24th Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival’s Digital Competition in 2002.

He lectured in Istanbul Bilgi University Film TV dept. between 1999 and 2006. His translation of Walter Murch’ “In The Blink of An Eye” was published in 2005 by Bilgi University Press.

In 2006 he quit the university to follow a freelance career in filmmaking. He edited the feature film “Gen – The Gene” in 2006 and won “Best Editing” Award at Adana Film Festival in 2007.

His technical oriented book “Digital Video and Cinema” was published in 2008 by Pusula Publishing.

Canikligil has worked as a professional editor, assistant director and finally director in TV commercials. He also has contributed in numerous short films as DOP, editor and attended as member of jury in many national competitions, conducted workshops on short filmmaking and has written essays on the field.

In all the while, he constantly and obsessively created photographic images and still does.

Following is from Arsty web site: “Photographer and multimedia artist Ilker Canikligil creates partially imagined, digitally manipulated images of cityscapes and the masses. “I want my photographs to look like ‘captured moments’ from ordinary life,” he says, “and I start from reality choosing arbitrary, ordinary moments and situations, yet manipulate those images during the process by adding or removing things in order to reach a certain clarity and essence.” His work emphasizes repetition, ellipsis, hyperrealism, and the minimalist geometries latent in the architecture of the urban environment. Canikligil claims that his work is a part of a project to move beyond “taking” photographs and towards “making” them—an expressive process in which the artist is given greater control over the creation of the image.”

I don’t work with galleries. You can buy my artworks from Saatchi Art

Exhibitions and Fairs:

2014 Contra Contemporary Turkish Art Fair, London
2013 More is Less* Çok Aslında Azdır – Solo Exhibition at Zorlu Center Performing Arst Center Istanbul (with Art ON Gallery)

2013 Contemporary Art Fair / İstanbul
2013 Crossroads III – Group Exhibition / Art On Istanbul
2005 Telecity – Cur: Başak Şenova – Group Exhibition / Siemens Art İstanbul

Works in These Private Collections:

Blockhouse Capital Management NY, Marmara Holding Collection, Mustafa Taviloğlu Collection, Kutluğ Ataman Collection, Cem Yılmaz Collection, Canan Ediboğlu Collection, Ahmet Çullu Collection, Duran Machinery Collection, Alican Duran Collection, Kenan Doğulu Collection